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Welcome (Ágora Room)

Jordi Alonso, CIBERESP Scientific Assitant Director.

Rosa Villa, CIBER-BBN Training coordinator.


Plenary Lecture (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Alejandra Estepa & Marta Solans

Nanotechnology in the era of precision medicine: from the laboratory to the market to maximize impact.

Abi J. Vázquez (DIVERSA Technologies).


Session 1: Oncology (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Alejandra Estepa & Inma García

Distinct mechanical phenotypes are associated to cancer differentiation states in colorectal cancer patient-derived organoids

Conti, Sefora (BBN-BI)

Customized DNA origami for delivery of therapeutic cargoes

Navarro Ampudia, Natalia (BBN-NM)


Session 2: COVID-19 (Ágora Room)

Ayelén Rojas & José Tapia

Investigating associated factors of COVID-19 vaccine acceptability using a machine learning algorithm in adolescent and parents of Catalonia sentinel schools

Alonso García, Lucía (ESP-P3)

Effect of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) on the prognosis of COVID-19

Visos Varela, Irene (ESP-P1)

17:15 - Coffee break (Lynn Margulis Room, floor -5)


Round Table - Artificial intelligence in precision medicine: believing in data (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Jose Tapia, Javier Plou & Daniel Redondo

Preclinical vision

Karim Lekadir, Ramon y Cajal Researcher and director of the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Lab at the Universitat de Barcelona (BCN-AIM)

Clinical vision

María Aragón, coordinator of the Information System for Research in Primary Care (SIDIAP)

Start up vision

Spotlab, spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Madrid aimed at developing innovations for medical imaging



Session 3: Reproductive and Sexual health (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Víctor Zamora & Andreu Bruguera

Feasibility and acceptability of a selfsampling intervention in asymptomatic and unrecognized symptomatic cases of monkeypox recruited at a community center

Martínez Riveros, Héctor (ESP-P3)

Characteristics of men who have sex with men and woman in Barcelona and Madrid (2018-2021)

Palma Díaz, David (ESP-P2)


Poster Party Session (Lynn Margulis Room, floor -5)

Chairs: Inma García, Ana Gámez, Javier Plou and Ayelén Rojas




Session 4: Chronic Diseases (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Daniel Redondo & Alba Martin

Bioelectrochemical microsensor for acetate short chain fatty acid monitoring in a Gut-on-a-Chip

Forner Castellsagué, Eulàlia (BBN-BI)

Prevalence of hypertension and diabetes in Spain: data from the nationwide, population-based ENECOVID-study

Peñalver Argüeso, Belén (ESP-P1)


Session 5: Methodology (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Miguel Ángel Lerma & Javi Plou

Impact of data preparation strategies on antipsychotics adherence estimates using real-world data

Fuente, Marina (ESP-P6)

Osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells under magnetoelectric stimulation in a microgel 3D environment

García Parra, Nadia (BBN-BM)


Plenary Lecture (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Ana Gámez & Marta Solans

Women in science: addressing the anomaly.

Sonia Estradé (Electronics Department of the UB)

11:00 - Coffee break (Lynn Margulis Room, floor -5)


Session 6: Epidemiology and Public health (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Daniel Redondo & Víctor Zamora

The mediation role of lifestyle in the association between frailty and mortality in the UK Biobank

Delgado-Velandia, Mario (ESP-P1)

Micronutrient index and incident multimorbidity in older adults

Vega-Cabello, Verónica (ESP-P1)


Session 7: Mental health and Neurology (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Ana Gámez & Alba Martín

Identification of potential biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease progression through 1H-NMR metabolomics

Botello Marabotto, Marina (BBN-NM)

Deregulated plasma extracellular small RNAs are a promising biosignature for premanifest Huntington´s disease

Herrero Lorenzo, Marina (ESP-P5)


Round Table - Mental health before, during and after PhD: How can we survive? (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Alejandra Estepa, José Tapia & Víctor Zamora

Mental health in predocs

Amaia Ayala-García

Impostor syndrome

Ramón Nogueras

Research Yourself: Programa de acompañamiento a profesionales de la ciencia y la investigación basado en aplicar y transferir lo que ya domina el personal investigador a su propia autogestión

Elvira Reche (Facultad de Psicología de la UAB)

13:30 - Lunch (Lynn Margulis Room, floor -5)


Session 8: Infectious diseases and Microbiology (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Andreu Bruguera & Ayelén Rojas

Pathogen detection based on oligonucleotide gated nanoporous anodic alumina films: optimization of biosensor synthesis and sensing assay

Hernández Montoto, Andy (BBN-BM)

Who is lost to follow-up in the PISCIS Cohort of HIV of Catalonia and Balearic Islands? Analysis of the last 15 years and impact of the COVID19 pandemic

Moreno Fornes, Sergio (ESP-P3)


Session 9: Environmental Health (Ágora Room)

Chairs: Víctor Zamora & Marta Solans

Exposure assessment of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and disinfection by-products (DBPs) in drinking water during pregnancy

Cserbik, Dora (ESP-P1)

Relation between exposure to parabens and benzophenones and prostate cancer risk in the EPIC-Spain cohort

Fernández Martínez, Nicolás Francisco (ESP-P1)


Awards (Ágora Room)


Closure (Ágora Room)


Social Event "CosmoCaixa tour"

Chairs: Inma García, Ana Gámez, Javier Plou and Ayelén Rojas


CD1: Sleep apnea causally contributes to metabolic syndrome in prepubertal children. Armañac-Julián, P. (CIBER-BBN, BI).

CD2: Fabrication and characterisation of lactate releasing PLGA particles for cardiac regeneration. James, C. (CIBER-BBN, BM).

CD3: Analysis of P-wave changes for prediction of atrial fibrillation episodes. Moreno, C. (CIBER-BBN, BI).

CD4: 3D microenvironments of gelatin and chondroitin sulfate for the culture of hepatic cells. Naranjo-Alcázar, R. (CIBER-BBN, BM).

CD5: Cost-effectiveness of the initial medication adherence intervention versus usual care for cardiovascular disease and diabetes treatments in Primary Care. Sánchez-Viñas, A. (CIBERESP, P6).


CV1: Feasibility of SARS-CoV-2 antigen self-testing in school and summer camp attendees in Catalonia. Martínez-Riveros, H. (CIBERESP, P3).

CV2: Pandemics impact on access to health services and vulnerability: the case of the COVID-19. Moreno-Vásquez, MA. (CIBERESP, P4).

CV3: Exploring COVID-19 vaccine resistance in the middle of a pandemic: findings from a focus group study in Spain. Prieto Campo, A. (CIBERESP, P1).

CV4: A longitudinal analysis of temporal trends and inequalities in mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Robles, B. (CIBERESP, P4).

CV5: Impact of prior statin use on the severity of COVID-19. Zapata-Cachafeiro, M. (CIBERESP, P1).

CV6: Confidence in a vaccine against COVID-19 among registered nurses in Barcelona, Spain across two time periods. Palma, D. (CIBERESP, P2).

CV7: Nanoporous anodic alumina gated material as a diagnostic tool for the rapid and accurate detection of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Caballos, I. (CIBER-BBN, NM).

CV8: Direct detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA using triple helix structures. Domínguez, A. (CIBER-BBN, NM).


EP1: Ethnic disparities in the prevalence of molar-incisor-hypomineralization (MIH) and caries among 6-12-year-old children in Catalonia. Cots, E. (CIBERESP, P1).

EP2: Demands and labor resources that impact the intention to leave workers, the case of Chilean teachers. Palma-Vásquez, C. (CIBERESP, P6).

EP3: Micronutrient index and incident multimorbidity in older adults. Vega-Cabello, V. (CIBERESP, P1).

EP4: Duration and quality of sleep and risk of hearing loss: The UK Biobank Study. Yévenes-Briones, H. (CIBERESP, P1).

EP5: The analysis of routinely acquired PET/TC images to quantify body composition and tumor burden in patients with multiple myeloma. Hermosa-García, S. (CIBERESP, P3).


EE1: Analysis of the ecological impact through the characterization of materials in an endoscopy unit. Betín-Botero, P. (CIBER-BBN, BM).

EE2: Are prenatal exposures to bisphenols associated with enamel Hypomineralization? A prospective cohort study. Cots, E. (CIBERESP, P1).

EE3: Association between Mediterranean diet and metal exposure in 4–5-year-old children living in Spain. Notario-Barandiaran, L. (CIBERESP, P5).

EE4: Epidemiological study on exposure to micro(nano)plastics and their impact on the gut microbiome and inflammation, and kidney function in Spanish population. Vargas-Donat, C. (CIBERESP, P1).


IM1: Using the data of the PISCIS cohort of Catalonia and Balearic Islands to validate a clinical risk score to predict losses of HIV care. Díaz, Y. (CIBERESP, P3).

IM2: Hepatitis C seroprevalence, and acute incidence, in undiagnosed-HIV men who have sex with men in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain (2018-2021).Palma, D. (CIBERESP, P2).


MN1: Satisfaction with a mental health preventive intervention through feedback reports among university students in the PROMES-U study. Ballester-Coma, L. (CIBERESP, P6).

MN2: Smartphone PPG validation for a depression assessment protocol. Cajal, D. (CIBER-BBN, BI).

MN3: Graphene-based sensors on a high-density electrophysiology platform for in-vivo recordings. Cisneros-Fernández, J. (CIBER-BBN, BI).

MN4: Graphene microtransistors for multimodal electrophysiology recording. Fernández, E. (CIBER-BBN, BI).

MN5: Proteomic and transcriptomic content of plasma extracellular vesicles from AD patients differs from healthy controls. Solaguren-Beascoa Negre, M. (CIBERESP, P5).

MN6: Mental health approaches in sexual health services for men who have sex with men: A systematic review protocol. Palma, D. (CIBERESP, P2).


MT1: A smartphone for home sleep apnea monitoring. Castillo Escario, Y. (CIBER-BBN, BI).

MT2: Mobile mental health research method (M&M): a protocol to validate an objective tool to assess mental wellbeing. Ribeiro, T. (CIBER-BBN, BI).

MT3: Modeling infectious disease dynamics: A bayesian machine learning approach. Chaudhuri, S. (CIBERESP, P4).

MT4: The initial medication adherence intervention: study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial with an embedded process evaluation. Corral-Partearroyo, C. (CIBERESP, P6).

MT5: Characterization of poly(glycerol sebacate)–gelatine(PGSG) biomaterial for biomedical applications. Fuentes-Hoyo, J. (CIBER-BBN, BM).

MT6: Design of a ternary platform based of niosome/protamine/DNA complex for gene delivery applications. Maldonado, I. (CIBER-BBN, NM).

MT7: Validation of a process evaluation instrument of the IMA-cRCT intervention, based on the Normalization Process Theory. Palma-Vásquez, C. (CIBERESP, P6).


OC1: Cell interaction of multiple myeloma cells and human mesenchymal stem cells in an in vitro disease model. Plá Salom, J. (CIBER-BBN, BM).

OC2: Site-directed conjugation of multivalent protein nanomaterials for cancer targeted therapies. Rueda, A. (CIBER-BBN, NM).

OC3: Population-based incidence of childhood leukaemias and lymphomas in Spain (1973-2014). Trallero, J. (CIBERESP, P4).

OC4: MRSI-detected pattern in glioblastoma patients one month after concomitant chemoradiotherapy. Ungun, G. (CIBER-BBN, BI).


RS1: Effectiveness of online offer of STI self-sampling for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men and transgender women. Martínez-Riveros, H. (CIBERESP, P3).

RS2: Influence of internalized homonegativity on sexual risk behavior of men who have sex with men in Spain. Sönmez, I. (CIBERESP, P3).