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Welcome to the I Young Researchers Meeting that will take place on 21st - 22nd November 2022 in CosmoCaixa in Barcelona.

This event aims to recognize excellence in young researchers as manifested in oral and poster presentations, encouraging the development of a collaboration between the two areas of CIBER: CIBER-BBN and CIBERESP. Being the main aim, the development of basic and translational research in the fields of Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine, Epidemiology, and Public Health.

The program includes the presentation of results related to the following areas:

  • Chronic Diseases - cardiovascular, diabetes, neurodegeneration…- (CD)
  • Developmental biology and Reproductive and Sexual Health (DRS)
  • Epigenetics and Environmental Health (EE)
  • Epidemiology and Public health (EP)
  • Genetics and multi-Omics (GO)
  • Infectious diseases and Microbiology (IM)
  • Methodology (MT)
  • Mental health and Neurology (MN)
  • Oncology (OC)

In addition, in the context of plenary sessions or round tables, we will debate current important topics, including the application of artificial intelligence in medicine, mental health during the Ph.D., or gender inequality in science.

The meeting is open to undergraduate and master's students, predoctoral and postdoctoral (no more than 5 years from Ph.D. defense) researchers who belong to a CIBER-BBN/CIBERESP group. Participants who are not part of CIBER-BBN/CIBERESP should include in the email the principal investigator of their CIBER group. Registration can be done in the "Sign Up" section .

Online registration was open until 28th October 2022. Abstract submission was available until 7th October 2022 via email to [email protected]. Abstracts were selected for oral presentations or posters on 17th October 2022. Participants received an email with the committee decision on their abstract and further instructions on the presentation format.

We will be updating all the information concerning the event on this website, so please stay tuned and join us at this in-person meeting that will be held in Barcelona.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

With the collaboration of La Caixa Foundation and ISGlobal.


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